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Modern Endpoint Management

Have you been struggling with the challenges that come with device deployment and endpoint management in today’s world of the hybrid workforce and the rise of bring-your-own-device (BYOD)? • Increase the productivity of your hybrid workforce by helping you ensure that every machine has the correct settings and immediate access to applications. Microsoft brings you […]

Inside the Trends Driving Top Cloud Startups In 2023 (

Last year, U.S. Federal Reserve took the punch bowl away from the financial markets, putting an end to the easy money and stratospheric valuations in the venture capital (VC) and startup markets. This also precipitated an economic slowdown and potential recession. What’s that mean for the hottest startups in cloud infrastructure? The latest crop of startups […]

The 3 Keys to Building a Great Workplace Experience

What makes a place a great place to work? Is it perks, competitive salary, your own wooden panelled south facing office? Apparently not…recent research has confirmed the 3 keys to building a great workplace are;  1. Great Technology 2. Positive Work Environment 3. Company Culture A cloud communication platform will certainly tick number 1 off […]